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After sampling many products, I chose Solavedi for several reasons.  These products are 100% organic (no synthetic chemicals or products manufactured using them).  No animal testing is ever used. They are based on Ayurveda, yoga's sister science.  I can speak to the person who formulates them, a fellow yogini and longtime Ayurvedic practitioner; this is not some faceless, unknowable, huge corporation. They work beautifully and smell heavenly!

Since a significant percentage of what we put on our skin (and scalp) winds up in our bloodstream, doesn't it make sense to avoid chemicals? No one really knows the cumulative effects of these substances over the course of years...while we are careful to choose whole, organic, locally-sourced foods, we often overlook this aspect of our self-care.  

My commitment to supporting your healthy lifestyle doesn't end when you leave the studio after your yoga class or Thai Yoga Massage, and this is why I've decided to offer Solavedi.  My intention is to continue to select other products that will be available at Bloom, as well.  This is the first step.
Please visit the online store to see the products, their descriptions, and prices. 

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