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GUEST ~ What I Be Vibrationally: Drum, Voice and Sound Healing Playshop




Jimbo Talbot, founder of DrumQuest: adventures in happy ’n healing rhythm and sound is back to deepen your understanding/practice of the extraordinary power of rhythm, voice and sound to heal and transform.


Perhaps unlike any other workshop you’ve taken…


WHAT I BE PLAYSHOP: 3 hour interactive workshop design:


Equal parts drumming, voice, and sound healing facilitation/instruction to:


1) Impart understanding of sound and rhythm and their extraordinary power to heal body, mind and spirit, transform and expand consciousness

2) Immerse in Rhythm, voice and Sound Play in accessing tools for personal and group transformation.

3) Discover authenticity of being through high vibrational play, co-creativity and fun activities

4) Develop strategies for personal practice and expression

5) Learn facilitation skills to lead drum circles, singing/toning circles

6) Create community of peaceful, loving vibrational light beings

7) provide research and resource materials for further exploration


Explore history, rudiments, rhythms and practices of drumming, experience neurological benefits of singing and toning, expand consciousness with gong and other sound instrument play. We’ll develop a frequency blueprint for our authentic vibration tribe. Finally, we culminate our play shop with co-creative sound healing meditation.


This is a HANDS-ON LEARNING PLAYSHOP FOR ALL LEVELS. No prior experience necessary. Materials, Practitioner level drums, sound instruments are provided.


PLEASE NOTE: There is limited space and will likely sell out. Those still wishing to register can be added to a waiting list for an additional workshop Sunday afternoon @ the same time.


WHERE: Bloom Yoga and Wellness, sacred community space where ancient spiritual science meets powerful practice of yoga and other modalities to assist people on a path to wellness


WHAT DO I BRING? Only yourself wearing comfortable clothes. You may wish to bring your favorite drum/acoustic instrument, as well as water bottle, blanket and pillow for sound meditation


COST: $50 includes all materials. $40 Bloom Yoga Members




CONTACT: Beth @ Bloom yoga and Wellness, 315-525-9165 or [email protected], w/registration questions and for more info.



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DEEP VIBRATIONAL MASSAGE w/Jimbo and Jean Arney, LMT AVAILABLE FRI-SUN: 60-90 min. sessions by appointment. Friday (8/16) afternoon/evening, Saturday (8/17) between am yoga and playshop and following, Sunday (8/18) am only. Cost - $120 both, $80 w/pd workshop registration or $60 sound reiki only.


CALL JIMBO: 727-692-6075 or JEAN 315-748-3582 to make an appointment



WHAT: Sound reiki healing along with and w/o deep tissue massage (avail fri/sat) or Sound Reiki Healing only (Sun am). Treat yourself to state of incredibly deep relaxation and healing. In combination, Low and High vibrational Sounds synchronize w/your body’s own frequencies in shutting off mind chatter/typical pain response/conscious thinking to allow for deeper massage into muscle, fascial and nerve tissues. Results from treatments include release of muscle tension/knotting, opening of disc spaces, relief from nerve impingements, spinal realignment, breaking up blockages in Fascial tissues, improved circulation, respiration and heart rate, and deep sense of calm and relaxation.


WHO: intuitive healer Jimbo Talbot draws from nearly a half-century of voice and music training, and a passion for combining spirituality, inner voice awakening and ancient music medicine practices in providing relief and assisting the process of healing. With an open heart, he listens with intellect and intuition - a potent combination of inner wisdom - in assessing and effecting healing. He has a sound studio for private appointments in Syracuse and is available for group healings and meditations.


Jean Arney, LMT, trained w/the finger lakes school of massage. With over twenty years of experience, she practices in CNY and Tucson, AZ. Described as highly skilled, she puts her whole heart into loving people and helping accelerate the healing process. Areas of specialty include: deep tissue, Swedish, craniosacral and myofascial release. She also has maintained interests and trained in Rolfing and QiGong as a level 1 instructor. She can be reached for consultation and visits by calling 315-748-3582

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