Bloom Yoga & Wellness


Bloom offers your first class free of charge, with the exception of students using Groupon or Living Social purchases ~ AND ~ sorry, but Groupon and Living Social purchases are valid only for first-time Bloom students.

Bloom's class card system avoids paying for classes you don't use.  Cards are maintained at the studio and will receive one punch for each class attended.  Special events and specialty classes will be priced separately from the class card system.  Chair-assisted yoga is priced at $40 per month for once-a-week attendance and $45 per month for twice-per-week attendance.  

Loyalty points are earned for class card purchases (excluding Groupon and Living Social purchases). For every $300 spent, students will earn a free 3-class card.  Additionally, if two cards of equal value are purchased simultaneously, roughly 30% will be deducted from the second card price (not applicable to single class cards).  Here's the breakdown of the card system:

Number of Classes                            Price 1st/2nd Card                           Expires

            1                                              $ 15 / N/A                             30 days from purchase

            3                                              $ 39 / $27                              45/90 days from purchase

            5                                              $ 55 / $40                              60/120 days from purchase

            10                                            $100 / $70                             90/180 days from purchase

If Bloom's pricing represents a financial difficulty for you, please speak to us (or email, text, etc.).  We don't want anyone to discontinue practice at Bloom because they can't afford it ~ we will make every effort to work with you!

The studio will run special promotions periodically throughout the year.  These will be announced in classes and via email and posted at the studio, on our website, and on our Facebook page. 

Thank you so much for your ongoing presence in, and support of, our yoga community! 

Namaste <3

For your convenience, you may pay for your purchases via Paypal at Bloom's online store.